Alyssa Coughlan 4th Dan Promotion

Alyssa Coughlan started training in TaeKwon-Do in 2002 at Hetlinger TaeKwon-Do in Wetaskiwin at the age of 5 (there is a rumour that her mother may have embellished her actual age on her registration form). Taking to it quickly, Alyssa progressed through the junior ranks and burst into the adult class at a young age. She attacked her training with determination and a maturity beyond her years, earning her first degree black belt at the age of 14 in 2011, her second degree black belt in 2013, and her third degree black belt in 2016.

Alyssa is a very prominent instructor at Hetlinger TaeKwon-Do, teaching upwards of 5 hours a week to a variety of age groups. She is beloved by her students, who visibly light up when they see her at class. She has assisted multiple people achieve black belts of various degrees, including playing major roles in Master Cara Hetlinger and Master Cory Hetlinger’s respective 6th Degree Master Instructor examinations. She is known for being dependable, committed, and hard working, doing anything she can to help those around her. She has developed a Women’s Self Defense program that has found large levels of success within Wetaskiwin.

On February 2, 2019, Alyssa successfully earned the title of Chief International Instructor, and the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, in an examination held by Masters Cara and Cory Hetlinger, and witnessed/endorsed by Grand Master Scott Kopperud. Her examination was inspiring to watch, both for her fellow martial artists and her family and friends, and aptly demonstrated her technical precision, power, and passion for TaeKwon-Do.

Congratulations on your promotion Chief Instructor Alyssa Coughlan.

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