Kopperud TaeKwon-Do Schools

Quality Martial Arts, Fitness & Self-Defense Instruction Since 1976

Classes are held at the Lakewood Civic Centre 1635 McKercher Drive in Saskatoon,

Please email gmk@unifiedtkd.com or text 306-227-5590 to receive Information
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UTI History in Photos

Kopperud TaeKwon-Do has been providing quality Martial Arts, Fitness and Self-Defense instruction since 1976 when it began in central Alberta with a small club of less than 20 members. Since then it has grown into a well respected Martial Arts Institution serving thousands of members throughout Western Canada. We have been offering a variety of classes in Saskatoon since 1991 including specialized children’s and juniors classes; youth, adult and family classes; belt-specific classes from beginner to Black-Belt; fitness and sparring classes; unique programs tailored distinctively for individuals and various groups.

Grand Master Kopperud (GMK) former Canadian National TaeKwon-Do Champion and Founder of Unified TaeKwon-Do International (1989) has trained for over half a century dedicating the last thirty-six years to the development and advancement of his unique and innovative instructional methods and superior curriculum.

Welcome to Kopperud TaeKwon-Do Schools Inc.

We hope you will take the opportunity to challenge yourself, tap your potential and experience the physical, mental and social rewards that membership in our school provides through the practice of TaeKwon-Do.

People join for many reasons including the desire to improve their physical fitness, flexibility, strength, memory and concentration. Some train to increase their self-confidence through self-defense training. Others will thrive in the art because it is designed to work with each student individually, matching their abilities, pace and determination to succeed.

TaeKwon-Do is much more than just an activity. It is a way of life that fits well into anyone’s personal philosophy with its foundation based on the following seven tenants:

Kopperud TaeKwon-Do provides a balanced education through its curriculum of

It is these elements, within an atmosphere of family, friendship, support and encouragement along with high quality instruction that ensures the personal success of our members. Many of our members have gone on to achieve their Black-Belt and international recognition.

Kopperud TaeKwon-Do has an open-door policy in its Children and Junior programs which means parents are welcome and encouraged to view classes. We offer programs for ages 5 and older.

Rank exams are held periodically and are a required part of TaeKwon-Do training. Instruction Manuals are available for each rank level. Uniforms are available and required by all members. Sparring Gear is mandatory for Green-Belts & higher.

Tournaments are hosted occasionally and are a great way to celebrate the art, meet students from other schools, experience the benefits of competition and witness TaeKwon-Do at its finest in the Black-Belt events including divisions such as board-breaking and brick-breaking. Tournaments are not required for students to progress through the ranks.

We offer free trial classes in all of our programs and we do not use contracts to unfairly lock members in. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by giving TaeKwon-Do a try. Contact us today and begin a journey that could radically improve your well-being.

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